The 2nd European Deaf Judo Championships is held in the city of Brasschaat mid October 2019. This prominent event is organized by the Belgian Deaf Sport Committee and is sanctioned by the European Deaf Sport Organization.


More information about the technical regulations can be found here.

Men Individuals

7 weight categories
-60kg, -66kg, -73kg, -81kg, -90kg, -100kg, +100kg

Women Individuals

7 weight categories
-48kg, -57kg, -63kg, +63kg

Men Teams

3 weight categories
-73kg, -90kg, +90kg

Women Teams

3 weight categories
-57kg, -63kg, +63kg


No weight or gender limitations


The event is scheduled in the beginning of the picturesque Belgian fall from October 10th to 14th, 2019.



3-4PM Reception at City Hall of Brasschaat
5:30-7PM Weighing Individual Competitons
8-9PM 1st Technical Meeting
9-10PM Referee Seminar



10AM-5PM Individuals Competitions
3-3:45PM Opening Ceremony 6PM Individuals Medal Ceremony
7-8PM Weighing Team Competitons
8-8:30PM Intermediary Technical Meeting



10-11:30AM Kata Competitions
11:30AM Kata Medal Ceremony
12-2:30PM Team Competitions
3PM Team Medal Ceremony
3:30PM Closing Ceremony
4PM-5PM 2nd Technical Meeting
5PM Closing Banquet at Ruiterhal Brasschaat


For competitions involving 6 participants, a mixed system of round robin and elimination is employed. For competitions with more than 6 participants, a mixed system of elimination and repechage is followed.

Round Robin + Elimination

Two groups of three partipants start to fight each other within their group. This is followed by the semi-finals where the first of group 1 competes with the second of group 2 and vice versa. Eventually, the finals determine the winner.

Elimination + Repechage

The winner is determined by direct elimination in two tables. However, participants defeated by the two finalists take part in the loser's pool of their table to eventually fight against their counterpart of the other table.